Discovering the bigorre

Welcome to the Hautes Pyrénées !

From Lourdes to Pic du Midi, by way of Gavarnie declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, or via Cauterets Pont d’Espagne, come and meet in the Hautes Pyrénées our magnificient sites unique in the world. Land of lakes and rivers, of relaxation, kingdom of spa centres and breathtaking landscapes, it is with professionalism we will host your events.

Water, air, mountain slopes and valleys foot-paths are such inexhausted elements that make the Hautes Pyrénées the destination that will impress your participants !

The Hautes Pyrénées, department where tourism and culture are increasing, is the fruit of a wide range of festivals : Equestria, Les Petits As, Tarba en Canta, le Pic d’Or, Tarbes en Tango, Terro’Art All these fests and many others will guarantee you a full escape. In the Hautes Pyrénées, the artistic cutural and touristic magic will give you thrills and excitement.